Title: Functions of the insurance contract


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The article researches the functions of the insurance contract and their significance for understanding the legal nature of a contract as a regulator of relations in the field of insurance. The functions of the insurance contract are subdivided into general, special and specific additional. General functions are defined as typical for any civil contract. They fall into regulatory, guarantee and security functions. These functions reveal the importance of insurance contract in the regulation of insurance relations. Special functions are limited to the insurance contracts only. They are stipulated by economic nature of insurance. Specific functions are characteristic for certain types of insurance contracts, in particular personal insurance, property insurance, liability insurance and insurance of risks contracts. Among other special functions it is also possible to single out a protective function of an insurance contract. It consists in diminishing the amount of negative civil consequences in case of attachment of insured accidents provided in the contracts of personal insurance, property insurance, liability insurance and insurance of risks. Contracts of personal and property insurance also perform a specific compensatory function. According to the conditions provided by these contracts, an insurer is indemnified for damage in case of attachment of insured accident. Besides, contracts of personal insurance include life insurance and voluntary pension insurance contracts with their accumulative function according to which an insurer receives the insurance settlement after s/he reaches a certain age. The amount of the insurance settlement depends on the insurance payment. Contracts of liability insurance and insurance of risks are characterized with the securing function. So such contracts may be considered as innominate types of insurer’s fulfillment of civil-insurance obligation. The aforementioned functions of the insurance contract show its significance as a regulator of civil relations in the field of insurance and define specificity of insurance legal relations.

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Burdìn, Volodimir. Red. ; Marszał, Maciej (1968- ). Red.

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Wrocławsko-Lwowskie Zeszyty Prawnicze, 2019, 10, s. 131-140

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