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Obligations of digital service providers under the act on the national cybersecurity system as an element of improvement of security in the digital world and prevention of cybercrime


Kruk, Marta

Subject and Keywords:

cybersecurity   digital service providers   national cybersecurity system   obligations of digital service providers


The aim of the present study is to systematize and analyze the obligations of digital service providers under the national cybersecurity system. The study also focuses on identifying which entities are considered as providers of digital services within the meaning of this act. The analysis of the obligations refers to the relevant provisions of EU law. The author also pays attention to the differences in the scope of obligations necessary to perform which are related to the occurrence of events that may have a negative impact on cybersecurity connected with qualifications of such incidents as significant or critical and to penalties that may result from the failure of digital service providers to fulfil their obligations under the act.


Gołaczyński, Jacek. Red.   Adamski, Andrzej. Rec.   Balogh, Zsolt. Rec.   Cieślak, Sławomir. Rec.   Flaga-Gieruszyńska, Kinga. Rec.   Górecki, Jacek. Rec.   Kilian, Wolfgang. Rec.   Markiewicz, Ryszard. Rec.   Świerczyński, Marek. Rec.   Warner, Richard. Rec.   Zgryzek, Kazimierz. Rec.

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czasopismo online


ISSN 2082-100X




Prawo Mediów Elektronicznych, ISSN 2082-100X. 2019, 1 s. 27-35

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