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men   ethnocultural inequality   culture   social norms   communication   subjectivity   autonomy   action   appreciation   youth   intersectionality   paternity   living-apart-together relationships   memes   family   maternity   mixed marriages   individualization   parenthood   deviation   social disapproval   couple   normative transgression   conjugal system   pandemic COVID-19   trust   interactive rituals   love   missing persons   artistic success and failure   sexuality   Internet   quarantine   multiple parenthood   social circles   social exclusion   careers of smokers   gender   self-esteem   emotions   art field


The main theme of the third issue of Fabrica Societatis is the sociology of the couples and the sociology of the family. In this issue, there are papers written by acclaimed and well-known French sociologists who, during the two Polish Sociological Congresses—in Gdańsk in 2016 (“Solidarity in the Time of Distrust”) and in Wrocław in 2019 (“Me, Us, Them? Subjectivity – Identity – Belonging”)—translated the Congresses’ slogans into the area of family. The articles present the condition of the couples and the families in France, the issues they encounter as well as the analyses of quantitative and qualitative studies conducted therein. Comprising the works of Jean Claude Kaufmann, François de Singly, Céline Clément, Christophe Giraud and Beate Collet, this collection of texts is published in two languages in hope of commencing a wider intellectual exchange and research cooperation. Poland and France favour different approaches to the family policy, however, in some aspects, they seem to be closer to each other than other countries cited in the sociological comparative studies. Hence, these texts are relevant readings not only for the sociologists of the family. In the issue, there are also works written by the young generation of the female sociologists; they are in two sections. Firstly, the Sociological Debuts comprise publications of researchers who, in a sense, are taking their first steps in research as they publish the results of their first empirical explorations on the topics of sexuality, the career of the smokers or memes created during the national quarantine. Secondly, in Miscellanea, there are two works of sociologists who are highly devoted to the research work and who paid their attention to the artistic field and the process of creation as well as the emotions of the blood relatives and the in-laws of the persons missing for a long time.

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doi:10.34616/129174   ISSN 2657-3679



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