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In the service of society and family – contemporary approaches to the ethics of pharmacists


Kućko, Wojciech



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bioethics   ethics   pharmaceutical care   family   pharmacists


The rapid development of medicine raises not only new technical, biomedical, but also ethical questions. Pharmacies and the entire pharmaceutical world, including the industry and the sphere of trade of medicinal products and pharmaceutical services, are an important sector that is still appreciated by patients. The aim of the article is to present contemporary models of pharmacists’ ethics, in the light of which at the beginning of the third millennium, the identity of employees in this sector of the medical world can be read. Various philosophical and anthropological perspectives are invoked: pharmaceutical deontology and the utilitarian model. The values of personalistic bioethics with an ontological foundation were particularly emphasized. In its light, the identity of the pharmacist as an employee of the medical sphere is discussed, as well as the challenges related to the performance of his work for the benefit of the family and society. Among the many challenges, important areas of the pharmacist’s work are commented on. Firstly, the issue of health and life services and the role of conscience in the performance of the profession of pharmacist are presented. Second, it is presented on the issue of professional secret and some related ethical challenges. Thirdly, the Pharmaceutical Care practice, which is developing in the world, is an interesting tool that enables increasing the ethical level of the pharmacist-patient relationship. The discussed analyzes prove that postmodern society, often avoiding the recognizing of certain values, is inclined to respect certain ethical norms and principles in the reality of the world of medicine.

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E-Wydawnictwo. Prawnicza i Ekonomiczna Biblioteka Cyfrowa. Wydział Prawa, Administracji i Ekonomii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego


Nowak, Wioletta. Red.   Szalonka, Katarzyna. Red.   Niemczyk, Agata. Rec.   Wicki, Ludwik. Rec.   Majewska-Jurczyk, Barbara. Rec.   Światowy, Grażyna. Rec.   Dejnaka, Agnieszka. Rec.   Niezgoda, Agnieszka. Rec.   Mruk, Henryk. Rec.

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ISBN: 978-83-66601-24-6 (druk)  
ISBN: 978-83-66601-25-3 (online)




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(E-Monografie ; No. 170)

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