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Wrocław   Lower Silesia   Honorary Consul   Consulate


The publication entitled Wroclaw’s Honorary Consuls. The guide is a study in the nature of a regional monograph. It was created on the basis of direct conversations conducted by the author, interviews with honorary consuls. It consists of two parts. The first is of a chronological and substantive nature, devoted to the history of establishing the institutions of consulates headed by honorary consuls, and the establishment of honorary consuls. The second part, arranged alphabetically, presents twenty consulates with their seat in Wrocław and twenty profiles of contemporary Wrocław honorary consuls (as of 2017). In the Guidebook, apart from profiles of honorary consuls of Wrocław, outstanding Wrocław citizens, people with high professional competences, ethics and authority, you can find practical information on the scope of assistance provided, contact details of consulates. In the era of multiplied international professional, business, cultural, educational and tourist relations that are established in Poland, Lower Silesia and Wrocław, "Informator" provides a lot of specific information, helpful in establishing contacts and solving random problems. It is one of the elements of the promotional strategy of Wrocław, a city where the headquarters of honorary consulates have a long and colorful tradition.(From a review by Professor Barbara Rogowska, University of Wrocław)

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Małgorzata Łakota-Micker



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ISBN 978-83-945599-0-8



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