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Help and support perspective in parental kidnapping in the light of particular mediation procedures



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parental kidnapping   parental abduction   family crisis   single parenting   mediation


The project refers to the issue of parental child abductions as a phenomena that is the part of contemporary reality and the result of ongoing changes. A distinction between definitions of ravishment and parental abduction of a child was made, as well as several difficulties regarding this problem and its various determinants were presented. The fact that the aforementioned phenomenon may be identified with parenthood crisis but also with an insufficient maturity or pedagogic awareness of parents was the main focus. Therefore, the question that arises concerns the opportunity to prevent the risk of occurrence of these types of problems on a larger scale. The purpose of this article is to present abductions as an element of crisis and indicate possible methods of support. Various means of assistance and support available in Polish and international law were analyzed, as well. Theoretical analysis of needs within the range of increasing support for families facing the described problem was of the main focus. Excerpts of parents’ statements who face such a situation shall be examples of the described problem. This refers both to advisory services addressed to individual members of a family, as well as taking actions aiming at the improvement of communication and childcare in cases of single parenthood. Particular attention was paid to mediation in the event of parental abduction, as the optimum type of support which improves communication and is of huge potential in cases of preventing abductions in the future. The conclusions refer to the suggestion of improving assistance and preventive procedures in cases of the described problem.

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Instytut Pedagogiki Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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Wychowanie w Rodzinie, T. 20 (1/2019)

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