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A great project of small countries. From Intermarium to Trimarium in the foreign policy during the term of the second Law and Justice party government


Mróz, Maciej

Subject and Keywords:

Trimarium   regionalism, Polish foreign policy   the European Union   Central and Eastern Europe   Western Balkans   energy industry   communication


The contemporary Trimarium project differs from the historical Intermarium project in that it aims at consolidating specific issues of mainly infrastructural nature. However, in the vision carried out by the present government, it has also a strictly political dimension. The Law and Justice party government, aided by the President’s administration, is trying to take advantage of the Trimarium concept as a new instrument of foreign policy, presenting it as a project of regional coalition led by Poland and opposing the European mainstream politics. The real interest in Trimarium, apart from Poland is shown only by Croatia and, to some extent, Estonia. For Warsaw, however, this potential leadership among the block of smaller countries is supposed to be a kind of compensation for the lost opportunity of being in the decision-making centre of the European Union. Previous experiences with new cooperation groups in Central and Eastern Europe do not provide many reasons for optimism. The region is becoming a kind of expert in forming new cooperation platforms which are devoid of any solid fundament, institutionally dysfunctional and with no will to act, which has recently been exemplified by the Visegrad Group.


Instytut Studiów Międzynarodowych Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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ISSN 2300-4282



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Dyplomacja i Bezpieczeństwo, nr 1 (5) 2017/2018

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