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Poland in the Visegrad Group (2011-2017)

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Visegrad Group   countries of Central Europe   the European Union   NATO   Russia   Ukraine   European integration


The aim of the article is to describe and explain Poland’s activity within the Visegrad Group (V4) during the period of the second premiership of Donald Tusk and the premierships of Ewa Kopacz and Beata Szydlo. In the aforementioned period, Poland had the presidency in the Group twice (July 2012 – June 2013 and July 2016 – June 2017). Those were the months of Poland’s particular involvement in the activities of this structure. Despite repeated opinions of some commentators and politicians that V4 is effectively dead, the cooperation in this formula has been surprisingly enduring, which makes it worthwhile to analyse the Polish activities within it. The V4, established in 1991, does not meet the criteria defining an international organization However, in the view of Polish foreign ministry, this is not a disadvantage, since the lack of an institutional basis has turned out to be an exceptionally good solution. It enables the members to respond to challenges and crises more easily, as well as react to the quickly-changing political reality.


Instytut Studiów Międzynarodowych Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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Dyplomacja i Bezpieczeństwo, nr 1 (5) 2017/2018

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