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Ukraine in the security policy of Poland. The overview of conditions and challenges after 2014


Artur Drzewicki

Subject and Keywords:

security policy ; state power ; border country ; strategic partnership ; integration processes ; threat potential ; conflict of attitudes ; Central and Eastern Europe


The author of the article attempts to find the answer to the question about the Ukraine’s place in the security of Poland in the context of the changing geostrategic conditions in Central and Eastern Europe after 2014. The events of Euromaidan and the following conflict between Ukraine and Russia caused a dent in European stability and – especially in the face of Russia’s aggressive behaviour – a necessity of re-evaluating security policies of particular NATO countries. Unexpectedly, those events had an indirect, adverse influence on the relations between Poland and Ukraine which, for the last twenty years, have been described as a “strategic partnership”. Considering the views occurring in the political circles of both Poland and Ukraine since 2015 which emphasize the significance of historical problems in the countries’ relations and even call into question the importance of these relations, it is justified to make an overview of the conditions affecting the position of Kiev in Poland’s security policy and, most importantly, determine the essence and significance of the dilemmas connected with it.

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Instytut Studiów Międzynarodowych Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

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ISSN 2300-4282



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Dyplomacja i Bezpieczeństwo, nr 1 (5) 2017/2018

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