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Authenticity of ancient Romans's appearance at China, since Han Dynasty to third century A.C, according to selected chinese chronicles and records

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Chinese Empire   ancient Rome   antiquity   Silk Road   chronicles


Although that the issue of Sino-Roman relations are widely known in the science, this topic is not clearly explicated. The main aim of this article is to show hipothetical contacts between ancient Romans and Chineses. This work contain a short descriptions about such events like: a visit of jugglers from Liqian at Chinese Emperor's court, support of Roman surveyors from Kokand to defence a city Dayuan, a journey of Maes Titianos's mercantile caravan to Asia, a visit of Roman Embassy at Emperor Huan's court in 166 AD, a visit of merchant Leon at Emperor Sun Quan's commurt and appearance of two Roman Embassy to the Middle Kingdom in 282 AD and 284 AD. The summary of this work is trying to answer for two question. When was the first documented arrival of Roman in the Middle Kingdom? Why Sino – Roamn relations weren't well developed?

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Acta Erasmiana. 2017, 17

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