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Lifestyle and ecological awareness of consumers in the tourist market - relations, conditions and problems

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ecological awareness   consumer   tourist market   lifestyle


Od 2013 pt.: Ekonomia - Wroclaw Economic Review


Ecological awareness and the resulting ecological behaviors during the tourist trip are importantissues for the future of resources and absorption of the tourism market. Authors put up a thesisthat ecological awareness can be related with the way of life and the ways of consumption, butpro-ecological activities can also be the result of short-lived fashion. The aim of the article is toanalyze the relationship between ecological awareness, lifestyle and real consumer behavior in thetourist market. The author presents the authoritative division of environmental factors of consumerbehavior in the tourist market: personal, social (conformist) and ideological conditions. Accordingto the suggestions presented in the Report from the analysis of awareness, attitudes and ecologicalbehavior of Poles conducted in Poland in 2009–2015 for the Ministry of the Environment, qualitativeresearch in the form of focused group interviews was used for empirical verifi cation ofrelations between ecological awareness and tourists’ activities. It was noted that young people representa high level of ecological awareness and understand the need to care for natural resources.However, behaviors are primarily infl uenced by social (conformist) conditions, which result fromthe acceptance of processes and phenomena that are happening in modern society: fashion for ecology, mandatory regulations, the desire to save money, etc. But youth also presents ecologicalbehaviors that are the result of deep concern for the future. In order for ecological education tobe eff ective and an integral part of the lifestyle, awareness of nature conservation should translateinto real action. This is possible if the basic behavioral determinants are those described in thisarticle as ideological as opposed to personal and conformist

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Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis, ISSN 0239-6661 ; no 3823. Ekonomia, ISSN 2084-4093 ; 23/4, s. 49-62

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