Object structure

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Execution of the ornament

Subject and Keywords:

ornament   engraving   zigzag lines   anthropomorphic representation


The engraved ornament on the artefact from Rusinowo covers its two sides(A, B). On side A there is a single zigzag line and six groups of 2-11 densely engravedparallel zigzag lines. The ornament on side B consists of eight groups of zigzag lines and,accompanied by a short zigzag, an anthropomorphic figure likely to represent a womanwith legs spread out, perhaps about to give birth. Input from microscopic examinationand experiments was used to determine the biography of the ornament although not allthe phases of its creation could be recognized. The engravings on side A were made witha steady hand, by 1-3 people, proficient technologically and artistically. Except for theanthropomorphic design, the execution of ornaments on side B displays a much lowerproficiency and appears to be the effect of the work of 6-8 individuals. On both sides, thezigzag lines were engraved mostly west to east, and within their respective groups, lineswere mostly engraved north to south. Next to the stroke by stroke technique, there isevidence also of serial engraving. The strokes building the zigzag lines were touched up,many of them more than once. The composition on both sides has a zonal arrangementand evidently refers to a shamanistic view of the world.





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