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Smok nad Dnieprem : Chiny w relacjach z Białorusią i Ukrainą po 2010 roku


Adamczyk, Marcin

Subject and Keywords:

China ; Ukraine ; Belarus ; military relations ; economic relations ; war in Ukraine ; annexation of Crimea


The preface to this book there will present the current state of research within the author’s area of interest and the main assumptions connected with the China involvement in the region of Central-Eastern Europe. Besides the preface will present the details concerning author’s research workshop (e.g. theoretical approach, main hypothesis and research materials, etc.). The second chapter will raise the issue of the relations between PRC and Belarus within the field of the military, economic and political affairs. The third chapter in turn devoted to Ukraine will be concentrated upon the economic and military relations as well as political one’s in the following context the Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 and its aftermath: annexation of Crimea and War in Donbass. The last part of this work will constitute a summary based on the conclusions from previous chapters. Moreover the summary will include the analysis of the cooperation between Belarus, Ukraine and China from the China perspective. The author has intended to abstract this issue with the intend to explain more clearly the essence of the China involvement on the Dnieper River. Taking into account that the motivations of the decision-makers in Beijing regarding the cooperation with both Ukraine and Belarus are similar, such abstracting has been, in the author’s view, logically justified. The final pages of this work contain the annexes in the form of the tables with details of trade flow between China and Central-Eastern European countries (including Russia) as well as maps presenting New Silk Road trajectory. Those appendixes has subsidiary character for the rest of research paper.

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