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Indochiny w amerykańskiej polityce powstrzymywania do 1963 roku


Adamczyk, Marcin ; Szuflet, Oskar

Subject and Keywords:

Indochina ; USA ; Vietnam ; containment ; Harry Truman ; Dwight Eisenhower ; John F. Kennedy


This work has been written with view of a chronological – problem order. It consists five chapters, a preface and summary. In the first chapter there will be presented the current state of research in the field within the authors’ interest. It contains the details concerning authors’ research workshop and research materials. The following chapters will be devoted to three consecutive presidential administration: Harry Truman’s, Dwight Eisenhower’s and John F. Kennedy’s. The division applied in this work constitutes the unique kind of the problem systematizations and this division comes out evidently from the history of United States engagement in Indochina. The description and explanation of the output of Truman’s and Eisenhower’s term of office will be found in chapters two and three. The reason of including this analysis in those chapters is fact of shaping of the US global policy framework during their presidency. The effect of this framework was the engagement of the USA in the Indochina conflict. It is worth mentioning that both administrations has narrowed down their activities in that region solely to nonmilitary kind. Thus this period has been a good introductory ground for further consideration. Chapter four will include the summary of their political output. For this reason the authors have taken into account that key decisions escalating USA involvement in Vietnam had been made during JFK’s presidency. Therefore the description and the assessment of his office output will be specified in chapter five. Furthermore it is worth mentioning that Kennedy administration policy determined future events, as it laid down the foundation for open and direct American engagement on the peninsula. The complex summary of the effects the of John F. Kennedy’s tenure will be specified in the chapter six. It will simultaneously constitute a complex overview of US policy regarding Indochina till 22nd of November 1963. Due to the fact that this essay is has been based on holistic approach to historical facts and its determinants, its explanation part will be put into chapters four and six. The division of the summary has been cause by the need to preserve the cause-effect relationship of the carried research. The work will be culminated by a kind of resume which can be a pretext starting point for the discussion and further research.

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