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Coding and modelling of daily dress – about scientists coming out of the closet


Banaszak, Ewa ; Florkowski, Robert ; Krueger, Tyll ; Saha, Sudipta ; Volchenkov, Dimitri ; Bangerjee, Debopriyo

Temat i słowa kluczowe:

dressing up ; methods of creation and analysis of data ; daily dress


The article presents methodological issues related to the preparation and realisation of the project dealing with daily dress, as well as contexts and obstacles accompanying such research subject. The aim of the study is to understand better the dynamics, structures, and mechanisms accompanying daily dress and to show that dress and dressing up are significant parts of everyday life. Simultaneously, its realisation requires leaving the insofar observations in this area and methods applied in social sciences. Furthermore, rooting of the hypotheses in the empirical material calls for multiannual research and creation of methods for gathering, stardardising and analyzing data.

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Instytut Socjologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego


Banaszak, Ewa. Red.

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czasopisma online


ISSN 2657-3679


pol ; eng

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© Copyright by Ewa Banaszak ; © Copyright by Robert Florkowski ; © Copyright by Sudipta Saha ; © Copyright by Dimitri Volchenkov ; © Copyright by Debopriyo Bangerjee ; © Copyright by Tyll Krueger