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  1. Edukacja, wychowanie, poradnictwo w kulturze popularnej [38855]
  2. Cuius Regio? Ideological and Territorial Cohesion of the Historical Region of Silesia (c. 1000-2000) vol. 1. The Long Formation of the Region Silesia (c. 1000-1526) [1030]
  3. Katalog duchowieństwa diecezjalnego i zakonnego na podstawie ksiąg święceń biskupów wrocławskich. 1650 – 1810/1812 [940]
  4. Geographical characteristics of Silesia [754]
  5. Moja podróż do Włoch. Dziennik z lat 1785–1786 [729]
  6. The cultural identity of medieval Silesia: the case of art and architecture [714]
  7. The administrative structure of Silesia as a determinant of legal and constitutional cohesion (12th–15th century) [614]
  8. The family in the social consciousness. What (Who) actually forms the family? The social (re)construction of the definition of the family [590]
  9. Urzędnicy miejscy Legnicy do 1740/1741 roku [576]
  10. The multi-ethnic character of medieval Silesian society and its influence on the region’s cohesion (12th–15th centuries) [573]
  11. Family – its value and meaning in the perspective of adult children of divorced parents [557]
  12. The family as an intergenerational plane for transmission of values [534]
  13. Family stories with a moral: Polish scripted television documentaries [523]
  14. Educating a happy man as the fundamental aim of education [523]
  15. Art therapy with particular regard to bibliotherapy in the pages of selected journals for librarians (“Poradnik Bibliotekarza”, “Bibliotekarz”, “Biblioteka w Szkole”) in 2009-2011 - an attempt annotated bibliography [511]
  16. Regional identity in Silesia (until 1526) [478]
  17. Hospice assistance offered to the healthy siblings of a terminally ill child [446]
  18. Communication barriers in the family [443]
  19. „Me about myself” - the use of bibliotherapy in working with students of classes 4-6 of primary school with reduced self-esteem [440]
  20. Integrating and disintegrating factors for the economy of Silesia in the interwar period [435]
  21. Cuius Regio? Ideological and Territorial Cohesion of the Historical Region of Silesia (c. 1000-2000) vol. 4. Region divided. Times of nation-states (1918-1945) [429]
  22. The role of family in educational and professional choices of young people [419]
  23. Das Märchen der Brüder Grimm „Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten“ unter musiktherapeutischen Aspekten [401]
  24. Transformations of the family – social bond in the 21st century family [390]
  25. The family threatened by social exclusion - examples of good practice in the systemic forms of assistance [381]